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Bridge of Hope was previously named Bridge to Israel in Ethiopia and has been operational in Ethiopia since 2001. Starting December 14, 2009, it was re-registered by the FDRE Charities and Societies Agency as foreign charity organization and was authorized to work under license No. 1161 

In order to  realize its vision and mission the organization has been provided with 20 hectare of land from the government which is located at the out-skirt of Gondar city, a place called “Sammuna Ber”- 8 kilometers from the city centre and established Gondar Children’s Village as well as its project implementing office. The once barren land of Samuna Ber was transformed in to a beautiful village with modern buildings and facilities on one hand, farming and animal husbandry on the other hand. The village is now a home for 150 orphan children and currently employs 97 permanent and many daily workers thus being an income source for many families. 

Bride of Hope Gondar children’s Village has continued as the best performing childcare organization at national level which practices a family type childcare that enables OVC to have a familial environment. Family type arrangement has been designed to restore the broken natural family with a similar one. Currently the Gondar children’s village is a home for about 150 children. 


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Bridge of Hope formerly known as Bridge to Israel in Ethiopia was founded in 1984 by Timotheus and Magdalena Augstburger who have dedicated their lives to serving the poor and needy. In the past 21 years, the Augstburgers have worked in the West Bank in Israel, Lebanon, Armenia, Georgia, and Ukraine.

They came to Ethiopia in 1999 and partnered with Ato Demmelash Aysheshim, an Ethiopian citizen, and embarked upon implementing the work. Together, they devoted their time, energy and money into establishing Morning Star Children's Village in 2001, with the dream of bringing help, hope and blessings to many hopeless and impoverished children in Ethiopia where poverty, malnutrition and HIV/AIDs are common.

At the turn of the Millennium, in September 2000, at the United Nations General Assembly, 189 countries had endorsed Goal's vision of bringing down by in half the percentage of people living in extreme poverty and to improve health & education in impoverished countries by 2015.

This agenda is called the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and includes specific measurable targets for their achievement. Bridge of Hope embraces these goals and it is striving to do its part in its little corner of the world by providing basic necessities for over 300 orphans as well as employment for 98 permanent employees.

Organizational Leadership

Bridge of Hope (BoH) has a coordination office at Addis Ababa with a country director and some administration staff. In addition, BoH has a Liaison office in Switzerland for facilitating the collection and smooth transfer of funds. The sources of fund for the organization are from generous individuals in Switzerland and Europe as well as income sources from the village income generation schemes.

 After its establishment BoH has passed through a major project planning strategies since 2001 whose main objectives are: - Improve the livelihood of Orphans and Vulnerable Children through the provision of basic needs such as food, shelter, clothing, education, health, psychosocial etc. and reducing the vulnerability of high-risk groups such as women, youth, poor farmers, CSW and households affected by HIV/AIDS through community-based interventions



Our Vision

To discharge our responsibility in the fight against poverty, HIV/AIDs and illiteracy targeting specifically children who are the most vulnerable members of the society. We strive to raise children who will become healthy, responsible and productive citizens.

Our Mission

To develop sustainable, integrated programs targeting Orphan and Vulnerable Children as well as critical community issues, particularly interventions on HIV/AIDS.

Core Values

Our values come from our Christian origin. They are:-

Love and respect for all mankind, service to the poor, the needy and the deprived.
•    Equal treatment of all people regardless of race, religion, health status, gender, age or politics. This applies to all our activities including eligibility criteria for children as well as in the hiring of employees.
•    Transparency in all realms of our activities.
•    Empowering communities to take ownership of their future.
•    Imparting the core values of honesty, integrity, love and respect for all, strong work ethic, respect for nature and the environment, by setting an example in all that we do.


•    Providing proper care and love on sustainable basis for the 150 orphan children currently receiving our support; and to expand our capacity so that we will be able to cater our service also to additional children.
•    Expanding the provisions of our health services so that we will be to provide care and support and advocacy for our children as well as for people living in the area about HIV/AIDS and other communicable diseases and by so doing reduce the rate of mortality within the locality.
•    Expanding our education and life skill training services and enroll more the 300  children that we are providing education in the Bridge Magdanela Academy as well as in other private schools.
•    Increase the number of the current community beneficiaries by enhancing our capacity building projects and assist our children and different sectors of the society within our project area to become self-sufficient.
•    Providing clean water for members of the community who have earlier no access

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