Bridge of Hope Children’s Village is a non- profit International organization mainly established to help Orphan and Vulnerable Children (OVC)whose parents have become unable to support them due to their impoverished state of livelihood and also as a result of being affected by HIV/AIDS and other diseases.  

Further to providing support to the orphan children it also assists poor women, PLWHAS and poor farmers living in the vicinity where it is operating. 

Bridge of Hope was legally established and has been operating in Ethiopia particularly in the north Gondar Zone, Gondar town; having been re- registered in 2001 and issued a license by the CSA. The village raises the children by providing them shelter, education, meal and health care facilities. In order to support its annual expenditure it manufactures different house hold and office furniture as well as undertakes agricultural activities on a small-scale basis. The village uses the products for the children to consume; and sales the excess products to the community


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