About Bridge Business Enterprise

With the view of undertaking income generating activities, the village has established the Bridge Business Enterprise.  The enterprise has been operating earlier within the children’s village for about one year. However, having obtained a legal status from the Government Charity Organizations and Associations Agency, as of 2012, the Business Enterprise has started operating by its own. 

The main objective of establishing the Enterprise is by providing various activities that generate employment to the community to generate additional finance to be expended for the children who are living and educated in the Village. Initially utilizing the products by the Enterprise for in-house consumption it used to sell the surplus with fair and affordable price for members of the surrounding community intended only to retain the cost it incurred in the production of the items and the services it provided.

In so doing the organization has been utilizing the income it generated from the sales of the surplus products for the proper implementation of its various programs; the profit generated being included in the annual budget of the organization.

This has led for Bridge as a charity organization to have two budget sources i.e. from foreign donation and from income generation. The greater portion of the total budget of the organization is covered by the foreign donation and the rest is covered by the small amount of money earned from the business activities being undertaken as cost recovery with minimum profit options. 

Because of the financial crises currently prevalent in the world, the normal budget flow from foreign sources has become not enough to cover fully the various programs of the Village on sustainable basis. 

Therefore, it has become necessary for the organization to take some measures that will mitigate its financial problems and implement its planned activities by undertaking and promoting the Bridge Business Enterprise separately functioning under the umbrella of Bridge of Hope.

The organization is also doing this to meet the requirements of the new national legislation/proclamation put in place by the government related to the establishment and operation of non-governmental organizations.

The Village has legally established the Bridge Business Enterprise in order therefore to exploit the capital expenditure already made on the existing service giving sections. 

Actually, being involved in such business activities, the organization will upgrade and modernize every aspect of the Business Enterprise to make the different business units operating under its auspices by becoming competitive in the market and generating significant income through satisfying their customers.

Bridge of Hope is the owner of the business enterprise that consists of different business units operating under its umbrella. 


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