The Enterprise Business Plan

 Our Business Plan has clearly set out the objectives of our business. It states exactly how the business is intended to operate; and how it will become profitable. This business plan, no doubt, will keep us focused on our objectives. It will help us plan for the future; will lay down a budget and predict future cash-flow so that we will stay on-track in our drive towards attaining the goals of the Enterprise. It will also help us to identify areas that might have been overlooked or areas that require more thought and planning.

The business plan plays an important role in our effort of trying to attract finance that adds to the overall growth of the organization. Our potential investors or donors will be able to realize that the plan will address all their doubts, answer all their questions and convince them that our dream is worth funding.
It is one of the most important documents that we have initiated that will enable us to convince our donors to invest in the establishment of various businesses which in turn help us to be Self-Sufficient. Our business plan has set out in detail a roadmap that shows how we can achieve financial sustainability by providing focus as well as information for all stake holders who are involved in making our business a reality.
Our business Enterprise has been developed and has covered everything on the needs of outsiders to enable them to know and to understand how our business will work. It is our conviction that the business units stipulated below should be measured according to the market, the physical space available, and the resources and the contribution that they can make to the main business Enterprise so that we can see how important it is to establish follow-up and sound reasoning.

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The Enterprise Business Plan
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