Major Goals

 Setting goals for the future development of the business has been a prerequisite for the preparation of our Business Plan. Although these goals will have to be adjusted in the interactive planning process, we believe they are of great value in setting the tune and spirit of our future work. Our goals are the following set out for implementation on the above premises.

Over the next five years increasing sales volume by an average of 10% annually intensifying our marketing and sales effort in the neighboring Woredas and Regions;
In the coming consecutive years the business enterprise shall reduce production costs by 10% through greater use of modern technologies and diversification of production lines;
By the end of the second planning year the business shall launch some new products on the local market;
During the next five years the Enterprise has plans to produce over 200,000 liters of milk and 6,500 kg of milk products to supply for the market;
Producing over 150,000 different seedlings of flowers and trees to be sold for the village and the community with the objective of promoting and supporting the various environmental conservation initiatives;
Fattening and selling of over 250 oxen  during the coming five years to meet the protein needs of the children’s village and the community;
To support the construction activities outside and inside Gondar, 1440 m2 of quality tiles will be produced and marketed;
Every year an estimated production of 120 pieces of house and office furniture will be produced and marketed;
By expanding the school up to grade eight; during the coming five years quality education for 280 students will be ensured;
Quality services for 5,000 customers every year will be provided with ten percent increment from the cafeteria service.

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