Products/Services - Business Units

1.Bridge Magdalena Academy

Taking into consideration the reality that the development of the country will be achieved through the provision of quality education to the citizens, Bridge Magdalena Academy by adopting this principle has opened its teaching institution. The Academy is rearing its children by providing them education starting from Kindergarten up to grade 7 by putting in place comfortable learning and recreating facilities as well as by engaging teachers with extensive education and work experience in the education sector. The Academy’s uniqueness in this respect can be shown through the special and comfortable teaching aids, furniture and other amenities it is utilizing importing them from abroad. Further to the quality teaching system adopted by the Academy, the attractive compound and its environs full of man-made and natural vegetation have made it to become a place where any person particularly children can become happy and attend their education at ease. The Academy also provides the services of a well-equipped science laboratory, a library with assorted teaching and reference books as well as properly cared playground. Our service vehicles being equipped with air ventilation apparatus and the fare being minimal are the additional assets attesting to our qualified service provision. We are working towards enabling our students to upgrade their language skill by inviting foreigners to teach at our KG and throughout the rest of the elementary classes.

2.Wood and Metal Workshop

This Unit produces assorted wood and metal products and supplies same to consumers. Some of the major products that are manufactured in the workshop are:- Buffets that have different sizes and model, Beds with Side-Beds, Kitchen Cabinets, Household and Office Chairs and Tables, Shelves, TV and Shoe Racks, Clothe Cabinets, Doors and other types of wood products. In addition to this in the metal workshop the following products are manufactured:- Internal and external Doors, Various Recreational and Game facilities for Kindergarten. Door and Window metal frames for Condominiums, School Desks and others. Using quality imported and national products make us different from others as presented below:-

The qualitative nature of the wood we use
Our possessing various machines as well as our utilizing modern engraving machines
The deployment of highly qualified professionals
Our utilizing only quality Turkish and Walya metal
The frames of our doors not being hallow internally but their being compact Australian planks
Our meeting deadlines
And the guarantee we provide for our products

3.Ceramic Tiles Production Unit

The floor-cover (Ceramic) is one of the products manufactured by the Enterprise. Ceramics measuring 40X40 cm, 30X30 cm, 25X25 cm and having different engravings (designs) and color are produced. The factors that make this Unit special are the following:-

The types of paints used being original and that will not fade to the last
The product being thick and spacious than other similar products and as a result its being durable
The inputs required to produce floor tiles being quality and their mixture being standardized
The sand utilized for the production being properly washed

4.Flower and Tree Seedling Production Unit

The Enterprise is undertaking well-consolidated agricultural production activities amongst which is its Flower and Tree Seedling Production Unit. The Unit undertakes the following activities and envisages expanding its production capacity indulging in a more diversified venture related to the production of similar and other types of species.

Growing and reproducing more than 60 species of flower and tree seedlings that can be utilized for residential, outdoor and office use; and supplying same to institutions and individuals throughout the year. This has afforded us a compliment for being the only Enterprise that produces and sells seedlings in the city of Gondar throughout the year;
Providing continuous training for students attending agricultural related courses at different universities;
Undertaking different trial productions on different grain and vegetable species for various agro-ecological conditions;
Providing on site demonstration and consultancy on drip irrigation and dairy cattle rearing for workers of different zones and development stations;
Providing technical support and advice on environment protection and conservation;
Providing adaptation trials and organic fertilizers by working in collaboration with different research institutions.

5. Dairy Farm

The dairy cattle are always provided proper care and follow-up so as to produce milk and milk products primarily for the consumption of the children of the Village. A total of milking cows, heifers, calves and bulls are tended by the village.

6.Cattle Fattening

The Enterprise has planned to fatten and sell over 250 oxen during the coming five years to meet the protein needs of the children’s village and the community.

7.Cafeteria Service.

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