Report of the state of the new site

As it is known, out of the 6 competent contractors, two of them couldn’t pass our technical evaluation due to various reasons, therefore, we continue the process of bid opening to know the two winners out of the remaining four, consequently the following two building contractors won with the detail as follow:

An agreement was signed between Bridge of Hope and the two contractors. Please find the attached agreement draft for detail information.

Our organization expect the two firms to do the Substructure work which is: Excavation and earthwork, concrete works and masonry works as well as the super structure work which is composed of Concrete work, sanitary installation and Electrical installation.

We handed over the site on Friday, March 18, 2016 the same day as we signed the contract.
Activities performed by ourselves so far:

•    We have already settled the water line.
•    We also tried to do a hand dug well to provide enough water for the construction work until we do the borehole drilling. We couldn’t get sufficient water out of it so far.
•    Electric line, we receive letter from the city administration, since they didn’t have 3 phase, we were suggested to purchase a transformer, so Biniam is following the matter by contacting the concerned office at Bahirdar. In the meantime, we have a single phase line to at least use it for those works that can be accomplished with single phase line.
•    Security wise, until now, we had been responsible to employ guards but now the contractors themselves employ their own, in addition to that, the temporary fencing with wood and wire had been through.
•    We have paid the 30% advance payment to both the contractors and so far we are doing the work smoothly and in a good way.
•    We purchased the machineries to produce blocks by ourselves in order to reduce cost.


 It was a good opportunity (fortune) for us to get these machines for its half price for it had been used by a youth group formed by the government to support. Although, it had been used once, it is on a good condition.

Activities done by the two Firms So far:

•    More than 70% of the material had been purchased and delivered to the site
•    Site clearing work had been carried out
•    The excavation work of all buildings is done
•    Concrete forms of the foundation is completed


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