Agricultural Development and other Service Provisions

Agricultural Development and other Service Provisions
Bridge of Hope has been undertaking projects inside the orphanage with the purpose of giving different services to the children and the community. The main aim is to provide the children’s village with agricultural products, wood and metal work products, tiles products to serve as a skill training center as well as to generate income for children and the community.

Agricultural production

With the objective of meeting the children’s nutritional needs and using it as a training center for the children in the village, the agricultural section was established in 2001. Since then, it has been contributing a lot in producing and providing necessary agricultural products such as milk and milk products, vegetables, fruits, coffee, animal products such as eggs, meat and honey as well as serving as a training center for the children in the village. Dairy farm, Fruit farm, vegetable production, crop production, coffee farm, sheep breeding farm, poultry farm, cattle fattening, bee-keeping farm, tree/flower seedling production, campus beautification are among the main agricultural activities being undertaken.

Besides, the surrounding communities and farmers have benefited much from it in that they are introduced with new agricultural technologies that are being promoted in the Bridge of Hope organization. Regarding the role played by the Bridge of Hope in protecting the environment, the seedlings of the ornamental trees and flowers in Gondar town are produced in the nursery site owned by Bridge of Hope and supplied for further planting. Bridge is also assisting the government of its effort in capacity building in a way that many students from different universities, including Gondar Universities, have been undertaking their first second and doctorate degree practical attachments in the Bridge agricultural subsections. Besides, in order to test new agricultural technologies, Bridge is a place where agricultural research centers prefer to undertake their trials and research.    To improve the employee’s skills, trainings on milk cow management, vegetable production, crop production, campus beautification and nursery management is provided on regular basis.
In order to implement the agricultural activities effectively different agricultural tool such as grass cutting machine, spades, irrigation kits, sickles, drip irrigation kits, tubes etc. were purchased and provided to the agricultural sections.

Wood and Metal Products Workshop

A workshop as one of the educational sectors of BoH, is establish to produce new wooden and metal products as well as undertaking maintenance of different wooden/metal products effectively. With this respect preparation and maintenance of different wooden and metal work activities were carried out for the children’s village. In addition orders to produce wood and metal products have been received from private individuals and institutions.

Tiles Production

Production of tiles of different size and shape for foot path and other purposes are the main products of the tiles section of BoH. Income generation and learning center as demonstration site have been the main purposes of the tiles section. The section has been giving services for the children’s village and the surrounding community effectively by producing and supplying tile products.


A mini shop was established so as to supply industrial food, cleaning and other goods for the children village. In addition it also markets the surplus agricultural products to the surrounding communities. Further to this additional mini shop has been constructed and placed in center of Gondar town with the purpose of promotion and sales of the different products and services delivered by BoH. It plays a role in the promotion of the wooden products, tiles and other agricultural products of the village to the community.

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