Community Based Child Care and Support

When this project was first initiated it was planned to support 200 orphan and vulnerable children (OVC) with nutrition, health, education etc while the children are with their families/relatives or guardians. Based on the plan selection of 200 OVC was undertaken together with zonal social and labor affairs office, police and kebele administrations as per a criterion set.  The care and support was given for 200 OVC who are found in three districts of North Gondar Zone which are Gondar town, Gondar Zuria (vicinity) and Dembiya districts. Such services are provided by our organization according to the care and support service delivery guideline adopted by the government.

Nutritional Support

All children with their families have are provided with 20 to 50 kg of food grains every two months. In addition edible oil, tea and sugar are also included as part of the nutritional support being   given out. As a result one of the basic needs of these destitute children is fulfilled and this has resulted in improving the wellbeing of the children.

Educational support

Education is one of the basic services given to orphan children by Bridge of Hope. A total of 175 OVC of the communities who attend their education from Kindergarten to high school were getting educational material and uniform support. More over counseling service is also given by care givers of our organization   for those students who misbehave in their educational performance.

Health Service

Regarding health services most of the role played by BoH was with the focus of facilitation of free medical services for children. In this case those OVC who need medical checkup and medication have been well addressed to get free medical service in government hospital and clinics. In addition in case of emergency BoH also sometimes covers the medical expenses for some children. Moreover health and health related education have been given to parents, relatives and guardians as well as children. Besides, cleaning materials like soap is also given to children every month or every two months whenever they come to collect their support.

Clothing Support

All children have got sufficient clothing service twice a year, excluding school uniform, which is supplied once every year. Bridge of Hope is giving money in cash for the families/guardians of children for the purpose of buying cloth. The families/guardians of children in collaboration of volunteer care givers are responsible to buy clothing for the children.

Support through Sport, Game   Tools and Equipment

Sport games and tools were provided to some children so as to involve them in sport activities in their surroundings. With this regard, one foot ball team is established and all necessary sport materials are given to the team.

Psychosocial Support

Necessary psychosocial support is also given to children by volunteer care givers on continuous basis. Those children who are disturbing, frequently become absent from school, stressed and related problems were the focus getting guidance and counseling. With this activity many children have been able to be treated very well and to attend their school properly.

Awareness Education for OVC and Guardians

In addition to the support given in kind or cash to the children and their families, awareness education has been given to parents/guardians and children every time when they receive their support. Some of the major lessons given were health care, family planning, hygiene, childcare, saving, HIV/AIDs prevention and control, ethics etc.
In order to make the supported children family self supporting and make the support sustainable training is given to supported children families (200) by organizing them in groups of 12 to 25 members. The training course is focused in teaching them about the benefits of saving as well as acquiring loan. As a result nine self help groups (SHG) have been established and started saving every two weeks.

In general the support given to orphan and vulnerable children was done based on the service delivery guideline which was very helpful for the poor children and families in meeting their educational, nutritional, health, clothing and psychosocial needs.

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