Income Generating (IG) Support for the Poor and High Risk Groups

In order to improve the livelihood of the most highly risk groups of the community, the project was planned to initiate and support poor women, CSW and HIV affected members of communities through an income generating business. Accordingly, in collaboration with the Gondar Wereda Women Affairs Office, HIV/AIDs Secretariat Office, Kebele administrations, Small Enterprises Office and others considerable number of poor women associations, one CSW and PLWHA associations have been benefited in getting income generating support by our organization.

In five years it was planned to provide start-up capital for 50 vulnerable women to generate income. In this respect 64 vulnerable women who have been organized in four women associations are made to benefit from getting start-up capital and training for running IG business. The IG business types where by the four women associations involved separately are cleaning service, small-café, cloth washing and “Balitina” - food preparation for sale at house level.

Cleaning Service

The women who are engaged in giving cleaning services for the town community are 30 in number. They are undertaking the service in several ways. Some are giving house to house cleaning service; others are taking contract with hotel and garage owners and open market business runners. The poor women are getting income from the community for the cleaning service they provide.  In order to run this business our project has been supporting the associations in different ways. Familiarization workshop for 50 participants has been conducted so as to give awareness for the town community regarding the cleaning service given by the women.

In addition practical training was also given for 30 members of the associations about hygiene, cleaning methods, business management and related topics for two days. More over necessary cleaning materials and equipments have been purchased and given to the women associations. Some of the materials and equipments are wheelbarrows, spades, shovels, working gowns, dress, shoe, etc currently the members in the women association are doing the cleaning activities effectively and they are getting income to feed their families. Before the project most members did not have enough income to support themselves and their own families. After the project they are able to get an income of birr 450 per month/women.  On the other hand as a result of the high performance of the women association and its multi-rounded benefit for the community, the Gondar town administration takes the activity as a model and decided to be expanded to all the Kebele administrations.

Washing Cloth/Operating Mini-Café

The women associations with 9 and 11 members respectively have been involved in washing clothes and working in mini cafe business respectively. Both associations have been provided with necessary materials and tools that enable them to run their business. Those involved in washing clothes have been given with materials like washing basins, barrels, ironing machine, water bucket, wire for sun drying, detergent powder, soap etc. On the other hand for those women who are involved in mini-cafe business they are also provided with utensils such as tea/coffee cups, refrigerator, CD/DVD player, chairs with tent.  In addition training has been given to members of the women association on entrepreneurship and marketing.

Preparation and Selling Food at House Level

The other women association with 11 members has been involved in “balitina” preparation and sailing of food at house level. The different materials and inputs given for this women association is weighing machine, pea, pepper, lentils, etc.

CSW and PLWHA Support

In collaboration with the Gondar Wereda Women Affairs Office and HIV/AIDs Secretariat Office one CSW association and one PLWHA association have been selected and supported in promoting their income generation activities. The commercial sex workers association has been involved in selling of cereals and the PLWHA association was involved in sheep fattening. Both associations have been provided with necessary materials and tools that enables them to run their business. Each association was given a support of none-returnable capital of 20,000 birr as a startup capital. For those involved in selling cereals materials and tools like weighing machine, different kinds of cereals and other tools were provided. On the other hand construction of shelter for sheep, purchasing of sheep’s and fodder were the main support provided for those involved in sheep fattening. In addition training on entrepreneurship skill was given for all 41 members of the two associations so as to make them effective in their business.

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