Sexual Reproductive Health

Improving Sexually Reproductive Health Program

In response to the complex and interrelated problems among various forms of SRH, HTPs, FP and HIV/AIDS transmission and right violation issues, Bridge of Hope  with the budget support of Ipas Ethiopia has launched a project called "Sexual Reproductive Health and Right Status of Vulnerable Groups' which was  made operational since July 2006 for the period of one year. The general objective of the project is to increase the awareness of community members residing in 5 sample kebele administrations on the impact of Reproductive Health (RH) and Harmful Traditional Practices (HTP) so as to reduce the incidence of HTP and RH problems in the target population.

Target Areas and Beneficiaries

The project was located specifically in North Gondar Zone, Gondar city of Amhara Regional state. The target kebele administrations (KA) are five amongst these three are from Gondar Town and two are from rural kebeles. The five kebele administrations (KA) are Maraki Akababi KA (K 16 and 18), Azezo Dimaza KA (K 19), Azezo Ayer marefiya KA (K 20) from Gondar town and Azezo Tekelehayimanot and Loza Mariyam from rural kebeles.

In order to achieve the intended objectives of RH and right status of vulnerable groups, we have implemented different strategies. The most important strategies that have been used to implement this project are organizing training, workshops, community group discussions, youth dialogue, coffee ceremony, community based education programs, church and mosque meetings. In doing these the project main tools utilized are:-


  • Establish Anti HTP Committee at Kebele level
  • Conduct training for 50 volunteers on RH, HTP, FP, STD, HIV/AIDs
  • Organize Peer Educators Training for RH School clubs leaders and Members
  • Organize training on HTP and STI including HIV/AIDs for HTP practitioners
  • Conduct Workshop on Right Based approach regarding HTP and RH
  • Undertake RH school club support
  • Support RH and HIV/AIDs clubs of the community and facilitate youth dialogue group discussion
  • Prepare and Distribute IEC /BCC Materials

Our RH project under way has achieved its objectives effectively with a very good accomplishment of the project activities.  The achievement and impact observed was very high as compared to the short period of the project and small amount of budget allocated. In addition the project was in line with the government health policy which focuses on protection through health awareness education. As a result the project has been contributing very highly in reducing the incidences of SRH, HTP and related health issues in the targeted kebele administrations in particular and North Gondar area in general.

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