Tree Seedling

Indigenous and Exotic Tree Seedling Production 


 1. Woleka Nursery Site


The city urban agriculture office planned to produce up to 870,000 tree seedlings all over the nurseries run by the office and 200000 at Woleka nursery site however; this nursery site is assumed to be supported by C-GSCA;  accordingly the following various indigenous and exotic tree seedlings are producing in the nursery site in 2015.


The tree planting project involves in growing different indigenous and exotic tree in Angereb watershed, Sainasabia kebele communal lands, individual farms, schools and Bukaya sheleko plantation site. Tree species are selected carefully based on their economic and ecological values to the area and community.  As it can be seen in the report 61.5% of the seedling produced in the nursery is keybahirzafe (Eucalyptus camaldulensis).

This tree species has multipurpose and fast growing used mainly for firewood, construction and some extent for soil conservation even though it has some disadvantages for crop production. Due to its high economic value it is most preferred and planted by the farmers.

In 2007 BOH using the financial support obtained from C-GSCA in collaboration with Gondar City Administration urban Agriculture department we raise 196,137 and 176552 tree seedlings are distributed and planted both in and outside Angereb watershed.

2.Clean Water Projects 

The rural population of Gondar City administration is 51188. Of this number, approximately 51 % lack access to clean water service without considering the quality and quantity of the service. Knowing this fact, C-GSCA takes initiation to build water infrastructures to the rural people to secure safe water supply of Gondar rural people depending up on the availability of water sources in the locality.  For the last four years alone seventeen water projects have been executed out of these five of them were executed this year aiming at to provide clean water for 7600 direct beneficiaries. 

For the implementation of four water wells, C-GSCA allocated 900,000.00 birr ($ 45,000.00) including the last year projects. Out of these water projects four of them are planned to be implemented in this year. In addition out of the four water projects two (Lay Teda and Saina Saniya Bihon) were planned to be shallow wells and one spring development (Bilajige Dabirka Amedge) and one hand dug well (Loza Mariam camp Acabababi). However during implmenting the above projects some extra money was found and one additional spring water at Azezo Ayeremarefia Tomaredegn village was able to be developed. As a result the total number of water projects implemented in this particular year only reaches five which makes the total number of water projects implemented by the financial support of C-GSCA seventeen in collaboration with Bridge of Hope.  

2.1  Lay Teda shallow well

This water well was drilled at Lay Teda Kebele Teda rural village with GPS reading of 

Y= 37p0336060

X= 1382419

Elevation = 2062

The water productivity is =4.5 lit/sec 

The depth of the well is 40mt

Estimated numbers of beneficiary are=

Estimated distance from Gondar =25 kmts


Lay teda shallow well from drilling till ready for use

2.2.  Bilajige, Dabereka and Amedgie spring water development 

Bilajige, Daberka and Amedgie spring development is found at a GPS reading of 

Y= 37P0328259

X= 1389637

Elevation = 2170

Number of beneficiary = 67 hh

Estimated Distance from Gondar= 7 kmts


The structure built to develop this spring water is relatively different from the others due to the topography of the area. The spring water is located at plain land so that it is not possible to construct reservoir at the lower stream of the spring. In a serious consultation with the city water authority office the spring is decided only to be built at the head with immediate outlets to the users.

Adjacent to the spring water there is an individual farm for vegetable and chat tree. This farmer claim to use the spring water near to the spring head so that to get more water he block the flow of the water at the spring out let as a result more water is collected at the upper part of the spring and users are forced to walk in the water to fetch water from the spring.

2.3. Loza Mariam Camp Acababi hand dug well

This hand dug well is found at a GPS reading of 

Y= 37P0327772

X= 13877520

Elevation = 2122

Number of beneficiary= 65HH

Estimated distance from Gondar = 13 kms

Depth of the well = 6mts

Loza Mariam Camp Akababi hand dug well is very near to the town called Azezo. The area is new settlement area at the out skirts of the city. Although the village is part of the expansion area of the city there is no tap water, so that the villagers were suffered to collect water from distance places. 

2.4 Loza Mariam Kudade Shallow Well

This shallow well is located at the GPS reading of  Y= 37P0323665

X= 1385403

Elevation= 2125

The depth of the well is=50mts

Water production is = 1.5lit/sec 

The water well will serve for beneficiaries = 100 HH

The water well has an estimated distance from Gondar = 18 kmts This water well is drilled instead of the shallow water well planned to be drilled at Buhait Saina Sabia kebele. The landscape of Buhait is very raged and the site where the water well proposed to be drilled is found at top of the hill. The drilling company, Tisesat, although they show interest to drill the water well at Buhait by sending the best strong drilling machine they have, the hill side which has very high slope next to the Angereb river became difficult to the machine to climb and reach at the site. As a result we were obliged to change the site in to another place at the same kebele administration.

Soon after we select another site at the same kebele administration in collaboration with city water authority office, however; the geologies/experts recommend the well depth to be greater than seventy (70) meters to find sufficient water. Having this recommendation we once again discuss with the city water authority office concerning the depth of the water well. Then we agreed to change the site from Saina sabia kebele to Loza Mariam Kudade kebele. The Saina Sabia kebele water well is drilled by the city water authority budge on the other hand C-GSCA (BOH) to finance the drilling of Water well at Kudade kebele. Fortunately this site was selected and known three years ago by C-GSCA to be executed but due to budget shortage it was cancelled. 

 2.5 Azezo Airmarefia Tomaredegn Spring development

This spring water is located at the GPS reading of 

Y= 37P0328727

X= 1386005

Elevation= 2057

The spring serves for about 70 households which is an estimated population of 350 people

The estimated distance from Gondar town is 14 kmts

Tomaredegn is a village found near to the Airport in one of the urban kebele administration Azezo Airmarefia sub city administration. Although Tomardegn is near to Gondar city the villagers don’t have access for nay pure water supply either tap water or well developed spring water. Recently the city administration tried to construct a water distribution point at for some of the villagers who are very near to the main road side. But this water is not sufficient for the whole dwellers so that the development of the existing spring water which is the most important source of water for the villagers became important then a request was come both from the villagers and the kebele administration. 

Based on its urgency and water problem exist in the area Bridge of Hope in collaboration with C-GSCA agreed to develop the spring water using the excess money from the budget allocated for water projects. 






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