Since the establishment of the Charity the following major activities have been accomplished.

Institutional Child Care and Support
Agricultural Development and other Service Provisions
Community Based Child Care and Support
Income Generating (IG) Support for the Poor and High Risk Groups
Sexual Reproductive Health
Urban Agriculture
Tree Seedling

ccc Star Children's Village was established with the help of generous, primarily individual donors. Our objective is to further strengthen & expand the Village as well as to make it completely self-sufficient. Ongoing & proposed projects are:

Provision of educational supplies for the children.
Medical equipment and supplies for the Clinic.
Prevention of soil erosion on the riverbank.
Construction of a library.
Modern equipment for our Farm, Workshop, Tile Shop to increase productivity.
Vehicles for the children (buses) and the farm (tractor, 4WD and pickups).
Sports & Athletics field.

In order to achieve these goals, we continue to seek individual as well as corporate sponsors and donors.

sponsor one or more children.
sponsor a project or part of a project.
provide one time donation or grant.
provide in kind donation (e.g. supplies, equipment, vehicle etc.)

Further information regarding specific projects can be obtained by contacting us via email at or at | More Information