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Medical help and Donation from Jewish Voice Ministry

The Jewish voice ministry with a medical team was giving medical help to the Jewish people and other poor people for five days in Gondar town. The medical team was also given free medical service for village children, so that

18 children were cleaned their teeth and got a gift of Colgate and brush.

14 children were undertaking removal of unwanted teeth (teeth grown as an additional and makes the teeth growing as irregular in shape)

6 Children were also got different medical treatments. With the help of the Jewish medical team we have saved birr 10,981 that should be invested for the medical care of the above children.

On October 15, 2012 the Village Clinic received different medical drugs from Jewish Voice Ministry as donation. The donation is valued  20,795.00 Birr (twenty thousand seven hundred ninety five Birr) the donation was initiated and facilitated by the new clinic nurse and BoH GM.


This release was published on 14 Mar 2013. For more information, please contact Telephone 00251 16 466024/25 Addis Abeba Ethiopia

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