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Saving : Saving is longest and oldest problem of Ethiopians; It is not exaggeration to say saving is a new concept for the majority of Ethiopians.

It seems that the long last political instability of the nation, deep rooted poverty and hand to mouth life of the people makes the majority of the people ignorant for saving. Economical speaking, it is nothing exciting  than to see children who are very concerned to save money. Thanks to Mr. Walter, children have gained important practical knowledge of how to save and use money. Therefore now, all children start to save money and even develop the practical knowledge of wise use of money. And sharing their own money to the poor.

BoH Children actively participating in saving money

Children Saving as of October 31, 2012

Children have the right to withdraw their money at any time whenever they need it, but they have to notify the purpose to which the money is needed. Such checking point helps us to advise children about wise use of money, but the share of the money which come from Mr. Walter gift reduced for those children who withdrew their money for luxury purpose such us  the money withdrew for  Candy,  chewing gum, cakes  etc.

According to our record, Until October 31, 2012 children  withdraw 3106.16 Birr to meet the following needs:

  • 200 Birr to assist poor and old woman, who came to bridge asking  for help/

  • 600 Birr to fulfill personal Needs such us chewing gums, chocolate etc.

  • 300.50 Birr for gift to God / in the church/

  • 560 Birr for transport when children went to Church and  to their family, on Sunday morning and at any time.

Top and low money savers

  • Betelhem Mequaninnt has saved……265 Birr

  • Workitu and  Hiwot and other girls have saved only ……4 Birr

    These girls formerly had personal pocket money given by founders which was not controlled by the section. (But the pocket money stoped so that we started to save money to them starting from October 2012) 

This release was published on 16 Mar 2013. For more information, please contact Telephone 00251 16 466024/25 Addis Abeba Ethiopia

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