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Income generation Activities (BoH Business Enterprise)

The income generation activities have been well facilitated for the last four months. Major activities done were

  • Construction of one block with two rooms for the school

  • Arranging one class room for the newly opened grade (grade six)

  • Fulfilling school desks and chairs for the school

  • promotion work for the school undertaken

  • A total of 425 students registered and attend their education

  • Following the dairy farm, crop production

    Major accomplishment report regarding the school was prepared and sent to the head office last time.

On the other hand establishment of the BoH Business Plan has been undertaken. With this regard Business manager and secretary cashier were employed and new office for the business enterprise has been arranged and furnished. The office has been starting its work as of September 24, 2012. With the newly established BoH Business Enterprise the following additional activities have been performed.

  • Business plan section workers were identified and necessary transfer letter from the charity to the business section was written to all staff members.

  • Meeting was undertaken with the business enterprise workers so as to introduce the new staff or manager to the other transferred workers and brief introduction on the objectives of the established enterprise.

  • Application for license to the trade and transport government office has been undertaken. Accordingly the new name for our  business has got approval from the federal office through the facilitation work done by head office.

  • Necessary documents required from the trade and transport office such as professional license for the school and dairy farm, recommendation letter from kebele, establishment and management guideline etc have been prepared and received.

  • Fixed assets that should be transferred to the enterprise have been identified and ready for transfer.

  • startup capital for some sections of the enterprise was fixed and sent to head office for approval.

  • Facilitation work has been done in trade and transport office so as to get the license for the enterprise.

  • A separate bank account has been opened for the enterprise and the previous IG account closed.

This release was published on 14 Mar 2013. For more information, please contact Telephone 00251 16 466024/25 Addis Abeba Ethiopia

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