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Children receive talent and skill development training

 With the intent of improving the children’s knowledge on Physics and Engineering practical training was given for thirty three children. They graduated after attending two weeks intensive training and are named ‘Young Engineers’.

The training was conducted by the village in collaboration with Jewish Volunteers. The members’ the group of the volunteers providing different training to the children on various skills also spent one month and fifteen days at the village beginning July 1 to August 15, 2006 E.C.

The skill development intended to develop the children’s talents, was provided by dividing the children into three groups called Lucy, Boys and Girls and Knowledge is the Power.  The Lucy Group focused more on the development of the children’s talent in the areas of drawing and circus.

The Boys and Girls group also focused more on developing the children’s knowledge related to Drama, foreign (English) language and physical exercise. The Knowledge is the Power group in the same manner focused in developing the children’s talent on science, art, language and physical exercise. 


At the end of the training program, a tour was arranged to visit the Guzara – one of the ancient castles found in the vicinity of Gondar Zuria. The children were provided historical information about the ancient kings and the castles of Gondar.


The training was prepared with the collaboration and financial assistance of Gondar town women and children Affairs Office. From the feedback obtained at the end of the training it was learnt that the students were able to gain ample knowledge from their participation.

In a related development, after the necessary family tracing has been done, three-day life skill training was provided for 10 reintegrated children (5 Male, 5 Female) including for ten family members of the children. 


This release was published on 26 Jan 2015. For more information, please contact Telephone +251 116 466024/25 Addis Abeba Ethiopia

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