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Training - Life skill Training for BoH Village Girls

Two days life skill training was given for 37 BoH Village children (on February 2 and 3, 2015) in the main hall of Bridge of Hope Gondar Gondar office. 

The training was given to 37 BoH girls whose   age is in between 14-18. The trainers were Moges Tefera, a professional trainer, in Mahibere Hiwot Gondar for Social Development and HIV Prevention Project and facilitated by w/ret Haimanot Mulugeta,  psychologist and counselor BoH Children.

The major contents of the training were as follows: 

- Discussing on behavioral changes

- Challenges that faces girls.

- Developing effective social relationships.

- Developing self-confidence.

- The different types of behaviors.

- Problem solving mechanisms and

- Decision making skill. 

The major objectives of the training are creating free and friendly peer discussion among girls and identifying the girl’s specific behavior in order to have further discussion.  

The training helps girls to develop the ability to lead themselves and creating a positive attitude towards them, and helping them to have  a clear vision and goal in their future life.

The output of the training

From the training the girls were aware of

- The behavioral changes that occurred in different age level.

- They knew How to develop positive social relationships with their environment especially with their friends and care givers.

- How to develop self confidence.

- How to solve their challenges by using their own potential,

- Developing an effective communication skill 



This release was published on 19 Jul 2016. For more information, please contact +251 16 466024/25

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