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Children’s Clubs Activities

There are  four clubs  actively working in BoH  Children’s Village these clubs are Art and Drama Club, Agriculture Club, Computer Club, and sport (Gymnastic & circus) Clubs in these four clubs 60 children (23 boys and 37 girls) are  actively involved.

Art and Drama Clubs

Art and Drama club is one of the most active clubs in the year 2015. And 28 children (12 boys and 16 girls) who are naturally talented in art and drama were actively participated in production, managing and directing as well as editing of three  own dramas.


In the year 2015 four drams were prepared and seen for audiences of the village during different ceremonies. These four dramas were entitled as 

1. Emigrant girl

2. Judgment

3. Raisin

4. Families   


1. The drama entitled as ‘’Emigrant girl’’, is a 35 minutes long drama, were produced for BoH Children literature festivals and award giving ceremony for outstanding students.


2. The drama entitled as ‘’Judgment’’, also a 25 minutes long drama, was produced for the ceremony of the 2nd year anniversary of Yedil Serawit Prayer and Choir Group.



3. The drama entitled as ‘’The Family,’’ a 30 minutes long drama, were produced for Ethiopian new year celebration.


4. The drama entitled ‘’Raisin’’   was performed by drama club. And seen for village audience during Eastern ceremony.

Agriculture Club                        

Children summer vegetable farm

 In the year 2015, 800 meter square land was prepared by children for summer vegetable cultivation. 

80 children were actively participated in summer farm activity, in addition, seeds and seedlings of maze, cabbage green pepper garlic and onion was planted and well grown.

Fifteen children were introduced how horticulture is produced at home   

Children summer vegetable farm

Every child has planted summer vegetables specially corn under the motto of ‘’ let me plant 40 corn for myself’’ were planted and covered 800 meter square land which was properly prepared by children for summer vegetable cultivation. 60 children were actively participated in summer farm activity.

The farm will be expected to satisfy children needs of roosting corns 


Some children olso participated in farm work during summer season  

Sport Club

Summer foot Ball Cup

The summer foot ball cupof the year 2007 EC was one of the third quarter activity  done by BoH  children under seventieen sport team. The team was participating in Azezo Kifle ketema summer foot ball cup compition, whch was carried  out from July 10, 2015 to August 16 2015. 

The BoH Chuldren under seventeen foot ball team had been prepared it self for summer  foot ball cup  for the last five months.  It was trained and coatched by a volunteer  called  Ato Sisay Abebe,  who is working in Gondar University  as sport master. 

This summer foot ball cup compition was prepared by Azezo Kifle ketma (local Government) Children Summer sport project. and 16 different  Kebele foot ball teams  from difrent Kifle ketemas were participated. BoH foot ball team was given a chance  to represent BoH Childsren’s Village and played 8 gams and it won all  the foot ball gams execept the final cup game  which made the  BoH team lose the final cup, and was  deffeted by its rival 3 to 1 .

The star player of the  year 2007 EC Azezo summer foot ball cup was sellected among Bridge of Hope foot ball game players, despite the fact that the team loos the  2007 EC final foot ball cup. 

Samuel Tefera, the capiten of BoH foot ball team was sellected  as star player of the year 2007 EC, and he recived  ‘’star cup’’ with 200.00 Birr Prize.

Finally, the owners of Bridge Cafeteria ,the grand sponsor of  the BoH foot ball team invited lanch for 17 foot ball players and for 5 technical team members, as well as 10 stanch suporters of Bridge Foot Ball Team. The cost of lunch invitation for Bridge foot ball team was  more  than 3,200.00 Birr. 

  • As a reslt of  summer foot ball cup, all childen enjoing foot ball game supporting their own foot ball team.

  • It paved ways for all children to have social interaction with the out side community, and helps them to have positive social development using foot ball game as social mudum. 

  • Children had got  opprtunity to exercise their  foot ball talent. As well as  it creats a chance to develop children’s physical and mental strength through foot ball activities.

  • It increase BoH  Children’s Village  participation in the community.


18 children trained gymnastic and circus sport and practiced ‘’pyramid art’’ in a limited way.

Summer Camp

The notion of summer camp was introduced to BoH children’s Village by foreign volunteer in 2013, and it has been carried out for the second time. Summer camp is carried out during seasons in which the school was closed when children are free. Sumer camp consists of a cluster of activities including art, drama, challenging games, and other extra activities such as photographing.

In the third quarter year of 2015, in August, children summer camp was carried out in Bridge of Hope Village.

60 children (29 boys and 31 girls) those who are stay  the summer in the village were actively participated in different activities, Arts of Drama , photographing, English language skill  and challenging  games were part of the 2015 summer camp activity. Summer camp activity


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