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Hand craft at home level

Netting is the most lovely hand craft for many children. It is usually done by village children during summer season at home. It is one of Children’s favorite summer activities done at home level based on individual interest. In the third quarter year of 2015, 31 children (19 girls and 11 boys) were involved different types and designs of netting. As a result children produced 10 scarps 15 pleat coverings 2 sofa sits and table coverings, and 5 pairs of bracelets. 

Annual output of Children’s clubs

  • 15 children were practiced writing skill and basic computer skill and they could practice how to write English letters on computer keyboards.

  • four dramas were produced and 28 children were participated and had an opportunity to show their talent in this activity and Children  are scale up their artistic talent by producing these dramas and provide it for audiences.

  • Children used their free time effectively practicing hand crafts (31 children practicing netting at home.

  • Children Enjoy summer camp so that they were learning and practicing how to produce attractive photos through photography skill training, they increase their skill of English language. They learn informally how to make art and drama.

  • More than 60 Children are scale up their knowledge on agriculture, by producing their own corn field. 


This release was published on 19 Jul 2016. For more information, please contact +251 16 466024/25

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