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Second Year Anniversary of ‘’Yedil Serawit and Choir Group’’

Second year anniversary of ‘’Yedil Serawit and choir Group’’ The need of healthy spiritual development in any institutional OVC childcare is fundamental. Likewise spiritual wing for healthy spiritual development is one of the vital component and concentration of BoH holistic childcare. As result the spiritual wing of BoH Childcare is very strong despite its invisible nature. therefore we are empower BoH children to have strong faith, in God and develop stable psychological, social and spiritual development.

One of the manifestations of the spiritual strength BoH childcare is the establishment and continuity of ’’ Yedil Serawit and Choir group.’’ 

Yedil Serawit and Choir Group was established on August 14, 2013 by interested children themselves facilitated by childcare section, passing through iron and hard times Yedil Serawit and Choir Group celebrates its second year anniversary on August 14, 2015. The celebration was done in BoH Main Office Hall in a very warm  and colorful spiritual celebration.

‘’Enkutatash’’ Ethipian New Year  Celebration 

New year celebration is one of the colorful celebration in National level. BoH children Village as large family usually celebrates Ethiopian new with different colorful programs. 

 What makes 2015 New Year is the unique one is because; it was celebrated by children and staff members together with warm and colorful celebration in the children Village. All the staffs of the charity and the business enterprise were contributing money to present a New Year gift for our beloved children. It was an excellent opportunity to all staff members in order to show their love to village children by giving personal New Year gift. 

The staff was contributed more than 1000 Birr and bought shirt (pants) for 36 boys and hear clipper for 34 girls (a total number of 70 children who did not go to their relatives enjoy the celebration together with staffs)

 All staff members and children worshiped the Lord and shared the word of God by Pastor Syntahu (Maraki  ful gospel Church pastor). Yedil Serwit choir were also presented a praiseful singing to the Lord. 

Children’s  Drama club  also showed its work entitled ‘’the gift’’ and finally; all children enjoying cookies and soft drinks to maximize the New Year enjoyment. 

The 2007 BoH Festivals and Award Giving Ceremony

On July 22, 2015 a half day festival had been taken place in BOH children Village. All children and all staffs of the charity and business enterprise were participated, and a lot of colorful ceremonies were taken place. Some of them were 

1. Literature contest between Children

2. Picture drawing contest between village children

3. Award giving ceremony for outstanding students, and 

4. Award giving ceremony for good behaved children of the village 

5. Giving Recognition for children loving and devoted staff members.

6. Drama for festival audiences

7. And staff- children funny foot ball game.

This release was published on 19 Jul 2016. For more information, please contact +251 16 466024/25

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