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Establishment of BoH Village Library

Understanding the importance of library in the village for the village community in general and for BoH students in particular, BoH Children’s Village had started to give library service in a small scale level. The new library, which consists of 164 supplementary books and 90 other books was opened on November 1, 2015.

It was organized and lead by BoH children library club committee members, and every task that should be done by the librarian has been done by volunteer members of the club. 

As far as the library service time is concerned, it is opened every day after 10:30 to 1:30 local time and it gives whole day service every weekend as well. 

According to the record, in the month of November 2015 almost all (97 BoH students) used the library to read books at list once in a week.


This release was published on 22 Jul 2016. For more information, please contact +251 16 466024/25

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