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Photo Exhibition:

Bridge of Hope is one of the thirty –one None Governmental Charity and Development Organizations registered and implementing their plan in North Gondar Zone and Gondar Town

These all thirty- one, Non- Governmental Organizations ( NGOs) were invited to take part in Photo Exhibition which was organized by North Gondar Administration Finance and Economy Office.

The Photo exhibition was inaugurated on April 19, 2015 in Gondar town youth recreation Center. And visited by Zone Administrator and other officials and cabine members and it was opened to public for two consecutive days. And approximately 10000 – 15000 people visited the exhibition on the spot 

Using this golden Opportunity BoH showed its sacred mission and its exemplary childcare and development activity to the public. Moreover as partner of North Gondar NGOs forum, It had got an opportunity to share experiences from other NGOs, 

BoH displayed the following photos and products in the exhibition 

1. 216 different self explanatory photos, ( from Charity and  Business Enterprise)

2. 1 graph, shows  BoH man- power ( from Charity and  Business Enterprise)

3. 1 chart paper  shows the  five years financial performance of BoH charity

4. 21 different species of tree seedlings, ( from Business Enterprise)

5. 12 different types of tiles  ( from Business Enterprise)


These all photos and products were displayed, representing  BoH Sacred mission  and explain the hole activities of  the last 14 years of BoH childcare and development programs. 


This photo exhibition was inaugurated by members. and  visited by Gondar city dwellers for two consecutive days. 


This release was published on 22 Jul 2016. For more information, please contact +251 16 466024/25

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