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 As we know, In order to realize its vision and mission of our organization Bridge of Hope, it has been provided with 20 hectare of land from the government which is located at the out-skirt of Gondar city, a place called “Sammuna Ber”- 8 kilometers from the city center and established Gondar Children’s Village as well as its project implementing office. The once barren land of Samuna Ber was transformed in to a beautiful village with modern buildings and facilities on one hand, farming and animal husbandry on the other hand. The village is now a home for 150 orphan children and currently employs 97 permanent and many daily workers thus being an income source for many families.

Increasing undergraduate and postgraduate level higher education intake capacity is one of the growth and transformation plans of our country, the University of Gondar is located next to our children village and the university would have to apply the plan by expanding its sectors.  Hence, it was mandatory for Bridge of Hope to come to an agreement to leave its compound by receiving its equivalent amount of money to all its buildings, infrastructures and plantations.

At present, all the procedural operations of the paper works are accomplished and started the construction work at the newly provided plot of land by the city administration of Gondar as a compensation of the previous land. 

Hence, the undergoing constructions are:


1. Boys Dormitory

2. Girls Dormitory

3. Kindergarten

4. Elementary School &

5. Administration Building 


Activities performed so far:

  • The sub-structural work of all the above mentioned buildings are completed

  • The super structural work of the Kindergarten is 100% completed and the finishing work such as Block work, plastering, roofing, ceiling, flooring , painting and window/ door is ongoing. 

  • More than 90% of the super-structural work of the two dormitories and the school is completed and we are confident that the 1st phase of all the buildings will be completed shortly but there will be a delay of completing the administration building. 

  • We have already settled the city water line.

  • It is on process to drill deep water well in order to provide sufficient water both for the ongoing construction and for consumption of our children and staffs while we move to the new site.

  • It is also on process to receive own transformer to enable ourselves get sufficient electric supply.

  • We purchased the machineries to produce blocks by ourselves in order to reduce cost and to win the quality; we have already started producing 600 Pcs / day.

  • The remaining houses, such as staff residence, chapel (prayer house), guest house, main gate, green house are on the schedule to start them all in September (as soon as the rain stopped).

As the Lord start the good work, he is faithful to finish it. We all have faith and please keep on praying.


This release was published on 24 Oct 2016. For more information, please contact

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