Our world is the home of million innocent, defenseless children whose livelihood is completely shattered by natural and man-made calamities such us war, draught, famine, family breakage, brutal administration and undemocratic governance of countries etc.

Most of such children make the streets their adobe and roam everywhere in desolation to appease their hunger with no hope for a better tomorrow until death takes away their toll and makes them rest for good.

Children who are found in such utter hopelessness besides filling their stomachs they also need to be provided with compassion, care and support so that they are secured and eventually become responsible citizens.

After learning the enormous need of the impoverished children here in Ethiopia, the two philanthropic couple, Timotheus and Magdalena Augstburger started to establish a home for the homeless children here in Ethiopia under the name of Bridge of Hope (formerly named Bridge to Israel in Ethiopia). they devoted their time, energy and money into establishing the children village in 2001, with the dream of bringing help, hope and blessings to many hopeless and impoverished children in Ethiopia where poverty, malnutrition and HIV/AIDs are common.

Starting December 14, 2009, it was re-registered by the FDRE Charities and Societies Agency as foreign charity organization and was authorized to work under license No. 1161

Bride of Hope Gondar children’s Village has continued as the best performing childcare organization at national level which practices a family type childcare that enables OVC to have a familial environment. Family type arrangement has been designed to restore the broken natural family with a similar one. Currently the Gondar children’s village is a home for about 150 children. 


Changeover of the location of the village

As per the growth and transformation plan of the country, the university of Gondar, which is located next to our children village, required to expand its departments in order to take more students, therefore, Bridge of Hope obtained a compensation payment for its Buildings, Infrastructure and plantation from the university and Therefore, our organization is demanded to expend and utilize the assigned fund earned as compensation to enable itself to reconstruct its new infrastructures, buildings as well as plantations on the new plot that is being given by the city municipality and required to move to its new location within the anticipated period of time which is March 2017.

Report of the state of the new site

As it is known, out of the 6 competent contractors, two of them couldn’t pass our technical evaluation due to various reasons, therefore, we continue the process of bid opening to know the two winners out of the remaining four, consequently the following two building contractors won with the detail as follow:

Progress Report of the New Site

As we all know, currently, the construction work is being given to two competent contractors by dividing the whole building in to two, GAFAT Building contractor is building the first phase work of the Elementary school and Kindergarten whereas,...

3D View of the New site

- Dormitories [ 3D View of the New site ]

- Admin Building

- Elementary School

- Kindergarten School

Report on change of site of the children village

Bridge of Hope was previously named Bridge to Israel in Ethiopia has been operational in Ethiopia since 2001. Starting December 14, 2009, it was re-registered by the FDRE Charities and Societies Agency as foreign charity organization...