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The 28th Global HIV/AIDS Day

The 28th anniversary of the world’s HIV/AIDS were celebrated on November 17, 2015 Under the moto of ’’Getting to Zero New HIV Infection, Zero Discrimination and Zero AIDS Related Deaths’’

The day were commemorated through panel discussion that had been taken place in BoH Office Hall and a teachable drama was presented to audience by BoH Children’s Drama Club, The BoH Drama Club showed 

the growing nature of negative attitude of negligence against prevention and controlling of HIV/AIDS in the entire community. 

There was also tea and coffee ceremony, and bread breaking ceremony to show the unity of BoH staff members to prevent HIV/AIDS together with the community. 

Finally the candle burning ceremony was taken place so as to remember the devastating effect of HIV/AIDS for the last three decades against humanity in global level. 


This release was published on 22 Jul 2016. For more information, please contact +251 16 466024/25

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