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Community based activities

1. Child sponsorship support

selection of 50 OVC's and their families was undertaken via Gondar Town Women, Children and Youth affairs. According to our plan it was planned to give support for 50 OVC's every month starting from January 2012. Due to budget constraint we have supported only for one month. The support comprises 6 to 10 exercise books, 2 pens, 2 pencils, 2kg of sugar, 1 tea, two soaps and hair oil for female children.

2. Urban agriculture for HIV/AIDs affected communities

With the budget support of USAID 200 HIV/AIDs affected communities have been supported to grow vegetables until June 2012. From July until now we didn't accomplish regarding urban agriculture.

3. HIV prevention, Care and support

we have planned so many activities regarding HIV prevention, care and support. Nothing hhas been accomplished except selection of beneficiaries. The good reason for that is money shortage.

4. Water and tree planting project

With the water project, four water wells were drilled and 5000 rural and semi urban people are benefited. With tree planting project a total of 271,467 different varieties of tree species have been produced. Out of the total tree seedlings produced 214,774 seedlings were distributed and planted to people living around Angereb watershed areas.  The rest of the tree seedlings were un-matured for planting and currently managed in the nursery so as to distribute for the next tree planting season i.e June 2013. A comprehensive report on water and tree planting projects was prepared and sent to the head office last time.

On the other hand a new agreement was taken with Corvallis - Gondar Sister Cities Association on the tree planting project for the period September 2012 to January 2014. As per the agreement $7000 has been allocated to produce 200,000 tree seedlings. Out of the total amount of money $5950  will be used directly for the program i.e wage payment for daily laborers of the nursery, seed and material purchases and the like and the other amount which is 15% $1050 will be used as an admin cost to accomplish the tree planting project.

In addition I have asked the Corvallis people to continue working with us on the water well project. They have promised me to continue may be in 2013. With this regard six well sites have been selected  and reported to them so as to show our readiness to accomplish the work.


This release was published on 14 Mar 2013. For more information, please contact Telephone 00251 16 466024/25 Addis Abeba Ethiopia

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